Hard-hatted Women

The unexpected book, about subjects neglected and out of fashion, is often the very book we had been hoping for, although we didn’t know it. Such a book is ”We’ll Call You if We Need You: Experiences of Women Working Construction,” by Susan Eisenberg, a master electrician and poet. In this age of the computer, […]

How Can You Sustain Your Chosen Marketing Strategy

Every business faces ups and downs. In difficult economic times, small businesses such as yours commonly panic and may react in two ways: the first by cutting promoting activities and hence costs, and the second by staying on course, focusing on maintaining client commitments and attempting to beat the market tornado. If you stop performing […]

G Internet Provides Best Innovation in Years

If history has taught inventors anything, its that their products are ultimately much more useful if they’re available on the go. That’s why so many different products throughout history have been adapted to be portable, because people want to be able to use everything all the time wherever they are. That’s the main reason that […]

How Office Cleaning Services Can Improve Your Business

Your business and your office represent a major investment of your time, effort, energy, and finances. Keeping them up and running effectively is important for many reasons, then, and the payoff for keeping things in great shape is multifaceted. A clean space allows more work to get done and keeps your employees happiness levels higher. […]

Paving Services For Residential Driveway Construction In Burnaby

Professional paving services in Burnaby offer the right base to help you construct smooth and safe driveways outside your house or property exteriors. The right material and professional expertise is a prerequisite to ensure safe and durable construction of the driveways and similar constructions like pavements, curbs, parking lots, walkways, sidewalks etc. Some of the […]

Recession-proof Business Ideas

Even during a recession, business keeps getting done. The question really is whether or not you are going to shift your mindset to one who leverages opportunity instead of someone victimized by the winds of chance. If youre like most people, you would rather shift than suffer. Here are some tips on how you can […]